GeoConsult - Exploration and Mining Consultants

Exploration and Mining Consultants

GeoConsult Global Ltd is a progressive and multi-disciplinary company of consulting geoscientists and affiliated industry professionals offering a complete range of project management, field, analytical and reporting services in:

  •  Coal Quality
  •  Geotechnical Site Investigation
  •  Coal Seam Gas
  •  Acoustic Scanner Interpretation

  •  Resource Analysis and Geological Modelling
  •  Mining and Mineral Resource Exploration
  •  Hydrogeology and Environmental Management

  • Recognition of our experience and competence in a broad spectrum of projects has established long-standing relationships and a respected reputation with a wide range of mine operators and managers, project developers and mining industry leaders.
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    GeoConsult Global Ltd has operated globally since 2006, providing experienced, qualified and reliable consultants who are capable of using the most advanced geological methods and computing facilities to maintain a high standard of technical excellence and efficiency to our clients.

    Geoconsult Global Ltd is responsive to the personal aspirations of its staff and group affiliates and is dedicated to providing a technically stimulating work environment. The benefits of this philosophy are reflected in the high degree of innovation and professionalism applied to projects.

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    GPAC - core logging software

    TSIM - Thiel Surface Impedance Method

    SAS - Slim Acoustic Scanner