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GeoConsult Global Ltd has provided comprehensive consultancy services in the field of resource and reserves modelling, and coal quality throughout Australia and the Pacific region since June 1994.  Our involvement in an extensive number and variety of projects has ranged from reserve estimates and geological modelling, to provision of site coal quality geologists.

Our staff are experienced professionals, supported by the latest testing and analytical instrumentation and computing facilities. This combination results in a confident and comprehensive technical understanding of projects, leading to a high level of credibility in our recommendations, and to practical and cost effective outcomes for our clients.

Coal Quality Control

  •  Operating mine site coal quality geologists, involving the ROM, coal scheduling and inventories
  •  Coal quality, exploration (large or small), sampling, analysis, interpretation and modelling
  •  Large diameter bulk sample coal quality drilling supervision
  •  In-pit drilling supervision and sampling, channel sampling and mining supervision
  •  Coal specification, product coal loop and stockpile monitoring and shipping requirements
  • Resource Evaluation

    Geological Modelling & Resource Analysis

  •  Design, management, integration and consolidation of geological databases
  •  Grid and 3D block geological modelling
  •  Resource and reserve estimation
  •  Coal quality and reserves modelling
  •  Reconciliation
  •  Stratigraphic deposit modelling, including grid and block modelling techniques
  •  3D orebody modelling, incorporating drilling interpretation, geostatistical analysis,
        wireframe generation and block modelling
  •  Resource and reserve reporting, using fully JORC code compliant standards
  • Mine Design

  •  Strip & block reserve estimation and design
  •  Lox line determination and modelling
  •  Structural anomalies and hazards
  •  Geological anomalies, Intrusion limits to assist mine expansion
  •  Scheduling and costs
  •  Mine product scheduling
  •  Underground & Open cut mine design
  •  Waste dump and spoil design
  •  Volume calculations & Inventory reconciliation
  •  Environmental impact studies and rehabilitation planning
  • GeoTechnical Site Investigation

    Technical Support

  •  Training and technical support
  •  Network customisation and systems administration
  •  Optimum database design and consolidation of existing databases
  •  Automation of data transfer routines