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GeoConsult Global Ltd has provided comprehensive consultancy services in the fields of Project Management, Mining and Exploration Geology and Geotechnical Site Investigation throughout Australia and the Pacific region since 1994.  Our involvement in an extensive number and variety of projects has ranged from underground roof and floor investigations to co-ordination and management of large scale exploration programs.

Our staff are experienced professionals supported by the latest testing and analytical instrumentation and computing facilities.  This combination results in a confident and comprehensive technical understanding of projects, leading to a high level or credibility in our recommendations, and to practical and cost effective outcomes for our clients.

Project Management

  •  Exploration, large or small scale projects
  •  Large diameter bulk sample coal quality drilling management
  •  Research and Development
  • Project Management 
    Resource Evaluation

    Resource Evaluation

  •  Detailed evaluation and design of mining reserves for feasibility studies
  •  Mining resource justification
  •  3D resource modelling and calculation
  •  Coal quality, exploration, sampling, analysis, interpretation and modelling.
  •  Structural and geological evaluation

  • GeoTechnical Site Investigation

  •  Underground roof and floor investigation for geotechnical zonal modelling
  •  3D geotechnical rock mass ratings and classification
  •  Synthetic strength determination using geophysical sonic trace
  •  Orientated and angle core logging
  •  Geotechnical and geological logging and sampling of drill core
  • GeoTechnical Site Investigation


  •  Drill rig supervision, Lithological core & chip logging
  •  Geophysical log interpretation, & Sedimentological studies
  •  Vertical and angle drill core logging
  •  3D rock mass classification using geophysical correlation
  •  Highwall mapping, Lithological & geotechnical logging
  •  Petrography including coal permeability and ISP (Incendive Sparking Potential)