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GeoConsult Global Ltd is a recently established Australian based and owned company, which specialises in Highwall and Underground Mapping in all geological environments.
Highwall Mapping  GeoConsult Global Ltd can provide qualified and experienced personnel for the acquisition and interpretation of data. By using the most advanced geological methods and computing facilities GeoConsult Global Ltd personnel are able to provide the client with and efficient and high quality service in both hard rock and soft rock industries. GeoConsult Global Ltd can mobilise quickly and with minimal costs for any job. All personnel hold current generic induction passes for both open cut and underground operating mines meaning no delays in job commencement. Highwall mapping provides detailed geological and structural information
GeoConsult Global Ltd realises that the acquisition of data by mapping on the mine site or in the field is an efficient and cost effective method which when performed by experienced professionals can provided valuable geological, structural and geotechnical information. When incorporated into a maintained database this information provides increased accuracy to the geological model and allows adjustments to be made to the mining strategy resulting in increased mining confidence. Mapping
Mine site GeoConsult Global Ltd is a progressive company, which prides itself on the high standard of efficiency and technical excellence provided by its staff. GeoConsult Global Ltd is confident that its services will be an asset to any client. We welcome any enquiries, which you may possess.
Regular longwall face and development road mapping provides up to date information on mining conditions at the face, important for both production and safety issues. This mapping can then be used to generate extraction and underground hazard plans as shown above. Long Wall Mapping